The Road to a Fair Food and Farm Bill

What is the Food & Farm Bill?

The Food and Farm Bill is the single biggest piece of legislation that governs what we grow and eat in this country, and how it is distributed. It is a 5-year, $284 billion piece of legislation that touches every single person’s life in this country. Every farmer, parent, cook, eater, student, and activist is impacted by the policies the Bill addresses and we only have one chance every five years to influence it.

What's happening now?

The Food and Farm Bill has been passed by the Senate with a 64-35 vote. For a better look inside the bill, check out The Washington Post's breakdown here

During the Senate debate, 73 amendments were offered (story from Reuters). For a description of these amendments, check out The Farm Bill Primer's Senate Farm Bill Amendment Chart.

The House Agriculture Committee approved their version of the bill shortly after midnight on July 12th, but Speaker of the House John Boehner has made no decision on when the Bill will be considered on the House floor.


Past Actions

August Letter

August 2012
The Slow Food USA Regional Governors send letterto the House Agriculture Committee, urging them not pass a 1 year extension on the current Bill.

July Letter

July 2012
The Slow Food USA Regional Governors react to the Senate Food and Farm Bill and reach out to the House Agriculture Committee, seeking a Good, Clean, & Fair Food and Farm Bill.

House Agriculture Comments

May 2012
Slow Food USA's Food and Farm Bill message reaches the House Agriculture Committee through their "Farm Bill Feedback" period.

Governor's Letter

March 2012
The Slow Food USA Regional Governors release a letter to the House & Senate Agriculture Committees.

Recipe 4 Change

October 2011
Slow Food USA releases it's "Recipe For Change" to the Congressional "Super Committee" and hand-delivered it along with over 13,000 others in Washington


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