Stories from a Slow Food Nation
  • Grow Dat Youth Farm

    Directed & Filmed by Chandra Simon for Cultivate Films

    Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Grow Dat Youth Farm's mission is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food.

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  • Meet a Just Food Farmer: Stoneledge

    Filmed by Anna Zivarts for Just Food

    The Kavakos' started Stoneledge Farm started as a small homestead. Then they discovered Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and their business took off. Today they have 200 acres and 1,300 members picking up shares every week.

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  • Duty, Heart and Korean Soul in a Jar: Arirang Kimchi

    By Storyteller Liza de Guia of Food.Curated.

    To the Ohs, their jars of kimchi are like family. Kyung Oh first started experimenting with kimchi recipes over 30 years ago when she moved to the United States — obsessively perfecting flavors to match her memories of home. The end results, after years of testing, were so loved by family and friends that her husband encouraged her to start a kimchi business. And so, in 1981, Arirang Kimchi was born.

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  • Alisa Lay: 2 Sisters in the Kitchen

    Interview and photographs by Lisa Powell, with assistance from Rebecca Onion, for Southern Foodways Alliance

    After visiting the Downtown Greenwood Farmers Market, Alisa and Brenda were inspired to turn their canning hobby into a business. They quickly became a fixture a the Market, offering cherry plum preserves, sour apple relish, their grandmother's black bean and corn salsa, and, of course, their family's pickled Longhorn okra.

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  • Pharma to Farmer

    Written by Lori Bell

    One woman's journey to food enlightenment with the help of a little black pig

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  • Vargas Farm

    Produced for RAFI by StoryMineMedia

    Felix Vargas came to North Carolina as a teenage migrant worker. 30 years later, he is a U.S. citizen and runs his own farming operation. Vargas Farms grows a variety of fruits and vegetables on about 700 acres in and around Cleveland County. In 2012, Vargas was awarded a RAFI grant to experiment with traditional Mexican crops through season extention technology.

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